5 fun roboty things


I haven’t pondered much today about our inner robot natures, but I did see this article and the attendant video about new TRON toys coming soon.  I mean, ZOMG, the light cycles actually ride up and down t walls and when one crosses the other’s light trail, it will fall off the wall.  I am officially installing black lights throughout my apartment.

Say what you will about Microsoft’s future and present, but they do sometimes invent some really cool tech.  For example, they have figured out a way to have your 3DTV (what, you don’t have one? tsk, tsk.) know what your viewing angle is, so that it can calibrate the image to accommodate you.  Yes, your TV will finally accommodate YOU.  How can we apply this technology to the service industry?

File under “why NYC rocks, and Brooklyn matters”:  The NYC Media Lab will live at NYU-Poly’s downtown Brooklyn campus, and provide businesses with access to media-related research already being conducted.  As one who tires easily of repetitive, corporate-backed research, I say, “Huzzah!” (yes, I do say “Huzzah!”, also “Excelsior!”)

Motion control video games are set to explode beyond the Wii with the Kinect and the Playstation Move.  This development is also set to make the decision about which console system to get that much harder.  Thanks guys. Thanks a lot.

And finally, via Laughing Squid (via Wired Gadget Lab), proof that someday we will be able to send robots to aerobics classes on our behalf.

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