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one of the greatest joys of being a young ‘creative’ in any field is putting your portfolio together.  it is also undying agony – because there is so much at stake: the decisions about what to make, how to make it, what to include, what order to put it in, how much to put in the portfolio and to whom you’ll show it are all critical.  i loved making ads for my book – i spent days and weeks on it (i think it’s now in a storage shed in Oregon).  sometimes i think about getting the book and working on it again.  then i busy myself with learning hooks in WordPress, or agonizing over a short story. anyway.

one of the best bits about the behance network is the ability to look at things other people make on spec.  like this

i love this, of course, but it does make the capitalist in me wonder, why do people do things for free – why do they ‘share’ their ideas in public?  i’m slowly reading Lawrence Lessig‘s book “Remix”.  it’s great, read it.  but there are a few snippets that i especially liked that i’ll include here:

“So why do people do it?  What’s in it for them?  What is their motivation?… [W]e need to remember that a large part of the motivation for contributing to these sharing economies comes from people just doing for themselves what they want to do anyway… You don’t lose anything by giving away an intangible good that you’ve already created…”

make something ‘intangible’.  then give it away.  

[hm, sounds like love.]

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