monkeys v robots: a danah boyd-inspired listicle

On Twitter I’m seeing this piece on privacy/Facebook by danah boyd everywhere.  Give it a read (why not? everyone else has!) though if you’re following this growing controversy you’ve already been exposed to, or thought about these issues.  I have more to say about … well a lot of things related to this, and will do it on prettylittlehead, because I’m getting a bit bored of being serious on this blog.  This blog is about nostalgia for the future, about robots, rockets and rayguns.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I get to the end of her post and she says this:

I think that it’s high time that we take into consideration those whose lives aren’t nearly as privileged as ours, those who aren’t choosing to take the risks that we take, those who can’t afford to. This isn’t about liberals vs. libertarians; it’s about monkeys vs. robots. [emphasis added]

I don’t know what that means!  So I googled “monkeys v. robots” and this is what I found:

What have we learned: James Kochalka is the patron saint of monkey v. robot.

Result: I still don’t know what danah boyd means.

Posted by Farrah Bostic via email from reminds me of robots

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3 Responses to monkeys v robots: a danah boyd-inspired listicle

  1. zephoria says:

    Monkeys vs. Robots is the eternal battle:

    (It’s also a big joke to a group of my friends…)

  2. farrahb says:

    Fantastic! I’m relieved to know what you meant, actually – and feel pretty certain I have run across this before (though now I can’t remember where I first encountered it.) Poking around the link now… Thanks!

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