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friday fashion: dressing a la robot

From your visual receivers to your treads, if you’re going to be robotic – and so many of you already are – you have to dress the part.  Herewith some tips on how to achieve the proper effect: As tempting … Continue reading

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an elegant weapon for a more civilized age

ZOMG i want to see this! Meanwhile, urban pranksters Newmindspace hold their LED Lightsaber Battle at Sara D. Roosevelt Park tonight (Chrystie St between Delancey and E Houston Sts,; 9pm; free). Reserve a lightsaber for $5, or bring your own to this Star Wars–inspired battle of … Continue reading

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ask and ye shall receive: the internet provides

The other day, I posted a snippet from danah boyd with a reference I had never heard before – the notion of monkeys v. robots. I had no idea what she was talking about, and said so. She, graciously, provided … Continue reading

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monkeys v robots: a danah boyd-inspired listicle

On Twitter I’m seeing this piece on privacy/Facebook by danah boyd everywhere.  Give it a read (why not? everyone else has!) though if you’re following this growing controversy you’ve already been exposed to, or thought about these issues.  I have … Continue reading

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was it you or your avatar?

having a drink with a friend yesterday we discussed the phenomenon of the ‘personal brand‘.  she’d recently done some research with 20-somethings, discussing the nature of brands, and how they saw themselves in relationship to them.  she told me something … Continue reading

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of empaths and androids

i’ve been getting a little app-happy lately, and today i downloaded the comics app so that, on May 26, I can get the prequel to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. Wired’s piece on it the other day inspired me to prepare for … Continue reading

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only digital beer, for the digital age

this, is a hat tip to Samoflange, who is the best brewmaster I know, and is clearly now very scared of robots: Posted by Farrah Bostic via email from reminds me of robots

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