thank you flavorpill

thank you flavorpill.  i have a vanishingly small amount of time lately to blog and tweet (which sound like complaints for which i should consult a physician). so when i get that late afternoon 5 minutes to look at a few of the emails that aren't demanding stuff of me, it is such a relief to see something that reminds me of robots.

and it is this.  10 songs for science nerds.

you will want to recreate this playlist for the mobile digital device of your choosing. (hint: it should fit in a pocket or small purse.)  you will want to listen to this playlist whenever the following things are happening:
  • you are filling up the tank at the gas pump
  • you are building a better mousetrap
  • you are watching the bartender make your cocktail
  • you are inseminating a sow with the seed of a horse
  • you are searching through your medicine cabinet trying to find something that will actually work on those under-eye circles, fine lines, and ridiculous post-25 pimples
  • you are reanimating dead flesh
  • you are pouring oil or vinegar on anything
  • you are cloning yourself
  • you are opening the arm & hammer box to freshen up the fridge
  • you are scrubbing the stove using a magic eraser
  • you are calculating pi to the infinite digit

you know, all the sciencey things you do during the day.


Posted by Farrah Bostic via email from reminds me of robots

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