i <3 obsolescence!

i love that i am old enough to remember when.  things that are no longer useful or relevant are so cool. they get to become artifacts, representatives of another time, markers and milestones along the path to wherever we’re going next.

today, Sony announced that it would no longer produce the 3.5″ floppy disk.  and in further proof of how awesome the awl is, they point out, rightly, that it is now literally just an icon.
also, hilariously, it is now the shape and design of a set of post-it notes.  there’s nothing more perfect than taking a symbol of technology, of the digital age, and rendering it on something so ancient as paper.
as an aside, i have vivid childhood memories of my father coming to my 2nd grade class to talk about what he did for a living – it was a bit complex, so he decided to speak more broadly about computers, and what he brought as a prop was a 5″ floppy disk.  that was back when floppy disks were, well, floppy. it had a very distinctive logo, and i’m happy to report i found it, because the internet is awesome!
we like the references, the visual cues of the old in relationship to the new.  the juxtaposition is somehow comforting, even though it feels edgy.  when NYC had the black-out a few years ago, the cell towers were affected, as were the batteries on our phones.  newer ‘landlines’ were dependent on functioning electrical outlets.  but old school phones were powered by the phone lines.  i realized that i live in a slightly decrepit town, so i ordered an old rotary phone on eBay. it was canadian, so it required a trip to radio shack and some cord splicing in order to plug it into our american phone jacks. eventually it just seemed silly. NYC didn’t burn because the lights went out – actually we acted on our best behavior and i had a great time even if the dairy in the fridge did spoil.  i don’t know what became of the phone, doesn’t matter. iPhone and Skype take care of me now.
but this is fantastic, and i want it.
it gives off all the beauty and distinctiveness of obsolescent design. i want to place my iPhone in the loving arms of a vintage phone body. i mean, who doesn’t? (also, that sounded way more erotic than i meant it).

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