my whole life is an augmented reality

i am fascinated by augmented reality technology.  right now it seems like mostly for fun and not quite for business, but i’m sure pretty soon someone will figure out a way to make me want to pay to play.  someone always does.

there’s been an uptick in uses of AR that are actually standing out to me as having more impact. herewith, a few i like, and one that (i’m not gonna lie) scares me a little:

  • One I like for the feeling of shared experience, pretending and fun:  an augmented reality flashmob.  Plus, people saw the Beatles walking across Not Abbey Road
  • Lego is using ARG on their package design to show you what the finished construction will look like.  I saw this demo’d at the IPG Emerging Media Lab in LA last summer and the technic car drove around on the box – I realize I’m a geek but I kinda dug it.
  • The biggest reason I need to upgrade my iPhone is not just that 8GBs is laughably small, but also that it has the compass. And what is the compass good for?  Finding the subway.  This is the app that makes me need a new iPhone. So, um, AT&T can we go ahead and get past the time period where you want me to pay $500 for a handset?  Haven’t I been good?
  • On that scares me a little is thankfully not real (oh those Israelis have interesting tastes!): a FPS augmented reality game.  In addition to this dude running around shooting around real people, the fact that his helmet seems wobbly is making me nervous. Also, you know it’s just a matter of time before it’s, y’know, real.

oh and then there’s this – using an iPhone to power a model car.  the driver sees through the windshield of the car through VR glasses, and steers and accelerates on the iPhone.  what this needs is an AR element to make it really rockin’.

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