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thank you flavorpill

thank you flavorpill.  i have a vanishingly small amount of time lately to blog and tweet (which sound like complaints for which i should consult a physician). so when i get that late afternoon 5 minutes to look at a … Continue reading

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putter putter putter

don’t mind me, i’m just testing a few things. Posted by Farrah Bostic via email from reminds me of robots

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i <3 obsolescence!

i love that i am old enough to remember when.  things that are no longer useful or relevant are so cool. they get to become artifacts, representatives of another time, markers and milestones along the path to wherever we’re going … Continue reading

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my new fave place to shop is boing boing’s

check out the robotagami! (via Gizmodo) Posted via email from reminds me of robots

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my whole life is an augmented reality

i am fascinated by augmented reality technology.  right now it seems like mostly for fun and not quite for business, but i’m sure pretty soon someone will figure out a way to make me want to pay to play.  someone … Continue reading

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beautiful dystopic futures without the cameron-esque budgets

a little while ago, i posted this video from the philips cinema parallel lines competition.  titled ‘the gift’, it’s beautifully produced and evocative of a much larger story that is now the focus of some competition among major studios, all who want … Continue reading

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it’s weird to be a baby

i’ve been telling my friends this for years.  a newborn needs only so many things: to sleep to eat to be held to poop to have a diaper change [yes, parents. your child is a beautiful and unique snowflake: there … Continue reading

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