alice in wonderland is about math

my dad would so have loved this piece in the new york times

Chapter 6, “Pig and Pepper,” parodies the principle of continuity, a bizarre concept from projective geometry, which was introduced in the mid-19th century from France. This principle (now an important aspect of modern topology) involves the idea that one shape can bend and stretch into another, provided it retains the same basic properties — a circle is the same as an ellipse or a parabola (the curve of the Cheshire cat’s grin).

Taking the notion to its extreme, what works for a circle should also work for a baby. So, when Alice takes the Duchess’s baby outside, it turns into a pig. The Cheshire Cat says, “I thought it would.”
to quote tweedledee & tweedledum: that’s logic!
and now i shall leave you with a little mashup of The Shins and Disney’s animated Alice in Wonderland.
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One Response to alice in wonderland is about math

  1. jaime says:

    this hurts my brain.

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