sometimes watching tv is like time travel

yesterday i got home from a meeting up in westchester.  i turned on the television in search of something appropriate for the not-watching i do so much of. or example, i’m not-watching some flavor of Law & Order right now.  i think it must be SVU because i’ve heard the words “penis” and “semen” a lot in the last 5 minutes.

anyway, so i was flipping channels and was kind of mesmerized and started to think about how russell davies used to sometimes post a picture of a tv screen when he was in a hotel room. it always felt like this random artifact.  i did this once, when i first went to china – i was in a fancy hotel in shanghai, and i saw these images:

so bizarre, so interesting.

anyway, i was captivated by the channels coming over the air on my tv.  they seemed to be timeless – or in a time warp, or something.  divorced from context, truncated, repetitive, kitschy, out-of-date, contemporary.  it reminded me of robots.  so i recorded some of it for you and i am including it here.  you can thank me later.  also, of special note – a reference to chatroulette!

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