you want to do it with robots, don’t you?

so brandweek tells us that the Svedka Fembot is going to move and speak or something. join facebook and stuff. make appearances at night clubs, and get out of luxury vehicles without any knickers on because she doesn’t wear knickers, alright? she’s too punk rock for that.

oh, and her name is Svedka_grl. one assumes she used to really dig bikini kill, and still remembers having a major grrl crush on that leg bot from the herbie hancock ‘rockit’ video. you remember her, right?

oh, so young, so sullen, so impetuous, so prolific with her zine and her ‘take back the night marches’ against the rape culture.  even that momentary curiosity about queercore. just a phase…

now she’s all botox and pilates and platinum and stuff. and here’s where things get SUPER cool.  you can be just like her; which let’s face it, is pretty much how women engage in fantasizing and fetishizing other women, but is still so much more difficult than just fucking her.  which is why, i suspect, guys are still running the place.

i digress! go to svedka’s website and bot yourself.  it’s a snow day, what else are you gonna do?

in the name of both science and, let’s say, journalism, i botted myself and will now share with you the fruits of my labors. i had to go through several color options of french maids, burlesque costumes, and fairy wings before settling on this. you’re welcome.

creepy, right? total uncanny valley stuff. but you know what? i’m so thirsty for crap vodka right now! gotta go!

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