pretty things to look at

today i shall perform a simple feat. i shall produce, in effect, a list of prints and illustrations related to robots and space-agey themes, all found at i was just given a gift of a necklace with my first initial on it – it’s an etsy brand, and it’s adorable. so, hat tip, etsy. and hat tip to henry, again, for suggesting that i eventually have a gallery showing of all the as-yet unrealized robot things i might one day own. one assumes this will fall into several categories of ‘pretty things to look at’ but we shall begin with Things to Hang On the Walls.

A very jolly Clap Your Hands Say Yeah poster, $75

Lots of robots depicting letters of the alphabet, but here a reversal – letters of the alphabet joining forces to depict a robot. Robot Alphabet print, $62

i heart robot print, $59.99 (there’s lots of robot love on etsy). i think this is sweet and would be lovely over a bed. like, say, mine. hint, hint.

Doreen Box Art Robot Print, $45. Doreen reminds me a little of Rosie from the Jetsons. and with wind-up walking action, she was very close to being the perfect woman.

Three Wise Robots, $20. just plain cute. robots stand in for monkeys. and why not?

300 Icons of SciFi and Horror Poster Set, $95. these posters feel so… thorough.

i am a super hero print, $11. there is something so rebellious and sweet about this one. i’d like it in my living room.

and then, two in a series of drawings of ray guns. they’re both fanciful and dangerous. like me.

Ray Gun, $49.

Ray Gun M5267, $35.

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