pretty things to look at: objets

i am going to really stretch today and post another shopping list of robot decor items, but rather than focusing on art in the ‘hangs on the walls and people look at it’ kind of way, these will be more in the objets & accents mode.  in the spirit of robotness, many will have a use beyond the whimsical. do i have to remind you again of the etymology of the word “robot”?  it’s to do with “doing”, and not related to that Polish fellatio joke i mentioned. let’s leave it at that, shall we? kthx.

at Urban Outfitters, you can get a robot coin bank for $4.99.  i don’t think he holds as much as the empty jar i use, but he seems very cheerful about hiding your coins for you.

my friend whitney turned me on to to this “One-of-a-kind Fobot, Micro Chip” at Anthropologie.  it can be yours for a mere $328.    it reminds me a lot of the work that the Bennett Robot Works produces. only this one seems to suggest that he’d prefer to live in the kitchen than in an art gallery. comme ci, comme ça. is one of my favorite places to buy gifts.  the levels of craftsmanship and kitsch are excellent, everything seems to tell  little joke – this illuminated sculpture “Mission to Mars” (you might call it, quaintly, a ‘lamp’) will only cost you $1,800.

and of course, over at etsy, the “space cowboy” theme continues with these fantastic lampshades. blending a 1950s western framework with comic book ray gun images, they’re bright and cheerful, and there is a house in california i don’t own yet that will one day have such lampshades in the study. $75.

some of my friends mock me for having what is, i suppose, a surfeit of pillows.  there are 4 on the couch, one on each chair, cushions on the dining chairs, 4 pillows on my bed, 4 on the guest bed, a meditation pillow… i like to be comfortable.  this pillow is lambswool, in a repeating pattern of robot figures that reminds me of the Fair Isle style of sweater you can get at l.l. bean.  $72.

finally, may i introduce you to Nelson, the Sweet Robot Art Clock?  he’ll come chillax with you for $95. w00t.

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