@youngonesdesign discovers the joy of robot-ing

My friend Jaime has a design blog that I absolutely adore.  It’s called Room for Young Ones, and while its focus is on designing rooms for munchkins, I find that there are great ideas for design for any room.  She has an excellent eye for color and pattern – and has a distinctive personal style I’ve both envied and admired.  As someone who grew up in a household where half my school clothes each year were sewn for me by my mom, school shopping meant going to the fabric store and choosing fabrics, patterns and notions.  I even had my own ‘label’ that was, if memory serves, purple and had ‘sagittarius’ printed or embroidered on it, with little archers repeating on the field behind the script.  These days, that sense of mixing color and pattern and coming up with something truly distinctive and wholly my own, are expressed in paint and fabric in my own apartment – though with not nearly as expert an eye as Jaime brings to hers.

Anyway – thanks to Jaime and Room for Young Ones for blogging about this blog and adding more taste and insight to the robot-themed design aesthetic… I feel the bar has been raised – I have to post more (and better) to deserve the shout-out!

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One Response to @youngonesdesign discovers the joy of robot-ing

  1. jaime says:

    yay! mutual admiration society! thanks for the shout-out, i just wish you still had one of those sagittarius tags to show me. you’re lucky. we used sharpies to write our names in our clothes from marshalls.

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