space age travel

in the past few years, i’ve had the agony and the joy of traveling all over the world to do my job. when you go to a new city on business, you see glimpses into other worlds. sometimes these worlds show you the past, sometimes the future, sometimes worlds that are alien, and sometimes worlds that deeply resonate in your soul.

some places make you feel entirely at home, others like a tourist, or worse, like an invader. you believe, as you move through these places, that you are the constant, that this month it’ll be Madrid and Moscow, Singapore and Hong Kong, but it will always be you. that’s mostly true, but the real thing is, and you won’t realize it until much later, that each place you go changes you a little precisely because it shows you something you haven’t seen before, and you have to internalize that somehow.

i, completely unexpectedly, loved all my trips to Asia. i liked Tokyo best, for reasons i can’t totally articulate. it is bright, extreme, clean, efficient, and it just feels like the future. i’ve joked that it’s a Disneyland for grown-ups, but not like Vegas, exactly. it’s like a trip into Tomorrowland.

how you travel can sometimes be as exciting as where you go. i’m not just talking about the airline or the class of service, though i am becoming intensely loyal to Virgin’s airlines. i go to LA pretty regularly for work now, and Virgin America is my airline of choice. but when i flew a lot internationally, i would route my trips through London (always with the excellent excuse of having to go into our office there, or having a meeting with a client) just to get on a Virgin Atlantic flight. it’s not exactly ‘space age’ but it is definitely reflective of an amazing aesthetic – the kind of idea about air travel that was long ago lost to the winds.

so – how to travel in space-aged style on any airline to any location? accessorize! (yes, i do love a long wind-up from time to time).
i bought this Hideo Wakamatasu suitcase at Flight 001.

4-wheels make it very agile and easy to push, pull, and walk alongside you through airports and jetways. plus, it’s from the jellybean line, so it comes in colors as bright and delicious as this green one. cab drivers smile when they see it; my uncle thinks it’s hilarious. i think it has loads of room and great organizational details. oh, and sometimes, when it’s sitting next to me…

it smiles at me, with slightly floppy ears and a goofy smile. it’s at these moments (and when it starts to wheel away from me on a slight incline) that it reminds me of robots. very cheerful, efficient, japanese robots.

okay, so now you’ve got the centerpiece, the suitcase. you need the other accessories now to bring the whole thing together. i recommend Flight 001 – it’s sort of space-agey, too. this is the one near where i live in Brooklyn.

the service here is excellent – they know their products, make great recommendations, and will even handle some of the repairs for the first year. that’s where i got my little Hideo.

the luggage tag i got with mine very quickly disappeared – flimsy strap to connect it, i guess. i’m going back for another one before my next trip, and i spotted this one at Flight 001, though now i see it’s out of stock.

you’ll need a wallet to carry your credit cards, identification and boarding passes. try this one, a Poketo from the Spacetime Artist Series by Cody Hudson.

or this one, the Bece Orpin Geometric Faces Wallet from the same series…

you carry ze devices do you not? moi aussi. then you’ll need a charger. the truly space age solution will work right up until the sun implodes and collapses into a black hole. how about a Solio Hybrid Charger? it even looks space-agey.

just add your iPhone or Droid and a space/robots inspired soundtrack for your flight, and you’ll be taking off at, say, LaGuardia, but landing in Tomorrowland.

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One Response to space age travel

  1. jaime says:

    isn’t it funny how so much of our favorite industrial design is anthropomorphic in some way? btw my luggage from flight oo1 is called titan and i sometimes imagine it glaring at me, straight-faced, in its efficient, teutonic way.

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