somehow, this happened

so it’s 5:30am (well, it was), and i couldn’t sleep, so i checked the social media nets and read about chatroulette.  this led to watching some unfortunate response videos, and this led to my browser window automatically closing, indicating that my browser window has more taste and class than i do.

so then i did the next best thing – i opened up the facebook, and found that the kids from I’m with Coco posted this video:

of course, once you’ve seen that you want more! so i watched this:

which is undeniably charming and hilarious.  but then you’re hooked, you want more robot on the toilet.  so i searched for ‘robot on the toilet’ in youtube, and found a few things that seem ingenious and useful, which is pretty much what happens when you type ‘robot’ and anything.

you see, there’s just an amazing earnestness about robotics.  this is made of Lego Mindstorms, a motion censor, and a very polite voice that seems to say, “Thank you” when the toilet, um, ‘user’ stands up. let’s celebrate it now:

okay, now you try. search for robots + anything and see what beauteous things you discover.

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