robots on parade (a bit of a ramble)

my robot rep is quickly outgrowing my actual interest in robots.  it may have taken on a steeper, faster trajectory right from the start, because me being interested in things that remind me of robots turns out to be way cooler than robots themselves.

plus, now people always know what to get me for holidays and birthdays – something a little robot-y.

a friend the other day (Hi Henry!) suggested that i have a gallery showing of all my robot paraphernalia.  i had to confess that my collection was nowhere near impressive enough or developed enough to have a gallery showing of it.  would i treat the set of robot coasters Cagney gave me as one object, or the half-dozen coasters individually?  should i print and frame the pictures i take of things that remind me of robots? would that be part of the exhibit?  wouldn’t everyone just spend the whole time winding up and watching this thing?

i’m actually beginning to think that i should actively add to my robot collection, but i like that these robots come into my house via other people.  i like the stories that behavior makes.  i like the closeness i feel to the people who give me robot things, who understand this strange little thing i enjoy, or even if they don’t understand it, feed it.

for henry, and via him, i would like to post this story about a robotic flower girl at a wedding.  henry is getting married soon, and if i were more facile with motors, i would build him a robotic flower girl, and give it a buffy t-shirt to wear.  it would be a special edition of the buffy bot, more innocent, more 1.0, post-watcher, pre-master, if you know what i mean…

this makes me think of technics. TECHNICS! motorized LEGOs. with the right combinations of kits, maybe a truck and a race car, you could totally make something reminiscent of the robotic.

people get so into LEGO and TECHNICS.  we found an enormous bin full of pieces when we cleaned out my mom’s attic. i wanted to go swimming in it, even if that would be scratchy and not as much fun as building something with all those bricks. for a recent project i started playing a lot of zynga games – farmville, cafe world, etc. – and realized that what those games made me reminiscent of is LEGOs.  the key difference is there is no real point at which you can just enjoy your farm or your cafe, play out little dramas between the characters.  you can’t go berate your friend who doesn’t even know that they’re waiting tables in your cafe, and you can’t sit down and sip iced tea in your rest tent on your farm.  the whole grinding form is meant to set you up to do something else, something more meaningful or fun or developed.  this kind of grinding is just, well, a chore.  i realized i’d rather be playing with LEGOs because when the house is built, you can play out the way people live in the house; when the car is assembled you can drive the car around.  and when you’re tired of it, you can demolish the whole thing and start again. sounds fantastic.

also, if you really like eye of the tiger (and who doesn’t!) then you have to watch this video.

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