david bowie, man

several years i saw bits of the documentary Cracked Actor discussing how bowie writes (wrote) his lyrics.  it is, i suppose, a form of linguistic decoupage.  apparently burroughs used it ‘first.’  for a time i think he was even claiming someone had written software for him to do this – and there are tons of cut up generators online. some obviously better than others…

well, now a man posing as a scientist (though i suspect he is a misguided android seeking access to human emotional processes) has dismembered – again – the frankenstein’s monster that is Bowie’s actual lyrical repertoire. and – again – reassembled them into the sort of song a human like myself would never really listen to except for the hilarity of the badness.

my tribe calls this the Comedy of Things That Aren’t That Funny. enjoy.

speaking of other things that remind me of robots: David Bowie.

i’m probably aging myself in interdome years, but in 1997, david bowie offered Bowie Bonds.  he securitized his intellectual property rights and used the $55million he raised to buy back a bunch of his catalog and do a bunch of other fun stuff.  ziggy plays guitar, but bowie is a freakin’ genius.  do you suppose there’s a subprime market for IP bonds?

anyway, if you want to watch the robot man shake his thing – er, write his lyrics, then here you go:

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