robots twitter, too

so now i’m following @r2d2 on twitter, and i enjoy his tweets. even if i don’t really understand them.

but there are other, far less clever and endearing robots on twitter…

6. You are a robot

You are not really a person at all. You are a bot. I’m a science fiction fan. I’m all for the rights of robots and all that, but in the world we live in bots are not exactly the highly developed neural networks that will eventually take over the world as predicted by the Singularity or the Terminator series of films. For now, if you just use Twitter to promote content that is produced elsewhere and that process is automated, then you just might be a robot.

nytimes twitter image

@NYTimes – All the news that’s fit to Tweet. Yeah, I said it.

@CNN – Cable news channel embracing and succeeding on Twitter.

@Newsweek – A national magazine trying to reinvent itself. Stories are fed into a Twitter stream.

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