first of all, hulu kind of sucks

Yeah. Let’s start there.  It kind of sucks.  A few minutes of hilarity never expires.  That’s crazy!  Eventually I’ll seek out some link to the robot bit on Colbert that will not expire, all willy-nilly.  But right now I have another topic in mind.

So.  It’s been awhile. About a month, I guess. How are you?  Oh, good.
I wanted to watch a movie the other day – something fun and simple, etc.  I am that person who has an AppleTV, so I thought I’d check out the new releases there.  Sadly, they don’t really have a ‘new releases’ section, but the other day, they did have a robot section.  Behold.
Oh, I was just so excited.  I did this screen grab (above), and made a mental note to blog about it and then I left the country.  For, say, three, maybe four, weeks.  A little distracted, then. Whatevs.
I’ll try to post more, that’s my point.
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