you ask and the universe (and amc) provides


i’ve taken to twittering. and then gareth kay pointed out that don draper, the lead character of the AMC show “Mad Men” is also twittering. so i followed his tweets, and now he’s following mine, and so is peggy olsen, and so is betty and so is salvatore and it’s just so much to follow! i’m not even sure if it’s linked to the show, and there seems to be office intrigue that’s going on in the twitterverse but not on the screen and it’s just really so much big geek fun. i heart it the heartiest.

and then i put up a simple tweet about trying to combine don draper and robots. a simple dream, from a simple girl.

the other day, on the plane to dallas, i caught up on mad men – a show i find so resplendent, so detestable, so delicious in its period accuracy that i can’t turn away. i noticed two important things.

  1. i’m a better tv viewer on a plane with my iPhone then i am at home. i actually watch the show instead of also checking email or also reading my googlereader feeds or also playing mah-jongg.
  2. don draper destroyed a robot. little bobby was playing with the robot at the dinner table and he knocked over sally’s glass with the robot and betty went apeshit and don, fed up with the day and probably most of his life, picked up the robot and dashed it against the kitchen wall. i have one word for this: hot.

i did some searching for the robot. i didn’t get a good look at it before it met its unfortunate end, but i think this might be it… you see, robots are for everyone. i bet i could work some serious symbolism out of that robot – robot as symbol of labor, lack of free will, oppression, slavery. a mere plaything to a child, but a tyrant to a man. who keeps don draper down? only himself. when his wife tries to submit him to her will, force upon him decisiveness and authority to overwhelm her own parental defects (and what’s with her total resentment of the kid?), he rebels, grasps the idol of his own slavery and demolishes it like some golden calf. i think this means that don draper is moses.

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