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you ask and the universe (and amc) provides

so. i’ve taken to twittering. and then gareth kay pointed out that don draper, the lead character of the AMC show “Mad Men” is also twittering. so i followed his tweets, and now he’s following mine, and so is peggy … Continue reading

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this is so worthwhile

hi there – coming at you LIVE from the westin buckhead in beautiful, muggy atlanta. i just had linguine in white clam sauce – frankly, too much linguine. safely back in my hotel room, i unbuttoned my jeans and heaved … Continue reading

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would a robotic jesus have to obey the three laws?

via BoingBoing.a robot housekeeper.  an etiquette and protocol droid.  a portable extension of the ship’s computer.  robotic arms that build cars.  we often think of robots in terms of utility – it’s that slavic root again (‘to do, to labor’). … Continue reading

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what is a robot, anyway?

so i’m sitting here talking to my friend about robots and she says, “what makes a robot a robot, and not just a computer?” let’s ask toothpastefordinner. well that’s not quite right. so let’s try wikipedia. it says: While … Continue reading

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one word, kid: robots!

MSNBC has looked into the crystal ball and concluded that these are the 10 careers for the future (and i’m guessing that like any good group of hack-futurists, they pivoted on the present and then did a google search). also, … Continue reading

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a thought or two about the future

what do robots represent if not the future – a utopian future, a dystopian future, any flavor of these two you like or fear. i work in a business where we’re trying to tell our clients what to do next … Continue reading

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got school’d

i realize that title is desperately lame, but i’m tired and i exceeded my 1 drink maximum because the conversation was good. my bad. but hey, check it: robotic fish that can communicate and form schools. apparently, this is potentially … Continue reading

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