wascally wobots

a few robots from natasha

these robots seem a bit lost. don’t you worry – they’ll figure out where to go, as long as they don’t make that left turn at albuquerque.

oh, but these robots are celebrating a very happy christmas.

and this robot dog is gonna kick dr. who’s arse at chess, yo!

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One Response to wascally wobots

  1. nkhoster says:

    Anyone that was and still is a Dr Who fan will understand the significance of these robots. The Dalek makes a big come back in the new series. Despite post tramatic stress syndrome caused by many treacherous encounters with the Dalek, Dr Who tries to make peace with the little metallic buggers. To no avail. But it’s ok. The last remaining Dalek has an electronic malfunction after someone mistakes it for a side table and spills a beer inbetwixt his ample head and body.It’s just about the robots. It’s not science.

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