robots are for everyone

i only started this blog a week ago – and it has worked to inspire friends of mine who would ordinarily never admit an interest in such things to notice robots and robot-like things just about everywhere. and of course i’ve started to notice them in more places than just my google reader feed. as it’s sunday, and it was a slightly rough weekend of my own making, i think i’ll refrain from undue philosophizing and just show you what people sent me…

robot sheet sets at Pottery Barn Kids, courtesy of my friend Cagney.

also, courtesy of Cagney, and for those out in the pacific northwest, this fantastic tip: turns out there is a second museum within the Experience Music Project called the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame. they currently have an exhibit entitled Robots: A Designer’s Collection of Miniature Mechanical Marvels. a few choice images below:

finally, i noticed these robots just walking around the city the last few days. this one i noticed on 1st avenue around 4th street on the side of a mailbox.

and this one carved into the sidewalk in williamsburg.

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