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this is pretty (and so small)

Courtesy of Scientific American: a robot dragonfly that flies for 3 minutes at about 5m/second and carries an onboard camera. someday soon it will be able to hover like a hummingbird and fly backwards. in the movies, robotic insects that … Continue reading

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wholly to be a fool

i’m a bit jetlagged. i’m in mexico city today, and just arrived from shanghai last night. i’m doing a really mediocre job of listening to an english translation of a spanish conversation, with the spanish conversation at full volume in … Continue reading

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the mccain campaign’s robot reporter pool

I was catching up with my Daily Show episodes on iTunes last night and noticed this image…

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Robots March on Brooklyn

I live in Brooklyn. Carroll Gardens. Previously known simply as South Brooklyn. A neighborhood known for longshoremen, Italians, bakeries, soppresatta, lawn chairs and funeral homes. Or at least, known to me for these qualities. Actually, the neighborhood is known for … Continue reading

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Mea Culpa in Miami

Sorry, have not been blogging responsibly. I was in Miami for a few days for a conference. Some interesting topics, some terrific speakers. Some real duds, as all conferences have, of course. Maybe the thing that stood out most to … Continue reading

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wascally wobots

a few robots from natasha these robots seem a bit lost. don’t you worry – they’ll figure out where to go, as long as they don’t make that left turn at albuquerque. oh, but these robots are celebrating a very … Continue reading

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Gentleman’s Agreement

I just watched a film classic – one I’d been meaning to watch for some time but had sat on the shelf, still wrapped in cellophane and three sides of tape, ever since Christmas when my dad got it for … Continue reading

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